It's a sad day. Toriyama was the creator of the original Dragon Ball manga, whose art made the series such a hit, and he also designed much of the concept art for Chrono Trigger (especially the main characters).

All this waiting is really getting to me. Since Square Enix won't remaster Chrono Trigger, and won't give us any new games in the series, it falls to us fans.

But we have to wait until March 11th, 2090 for Chrono Trigger to finally enter the public domain (assuming Congress doesn't lengthen copyright again in the intervening decades). That falls on a Saturday, which is perfect. You can probably save up some vacation days or quit your job. Sounds drastic? Consider this: Chrono Trigger will only enter the public domain once. Do you really want to be left out of what will surely be month-long celebrations in the streets?

66 years might seem like a long time, but writing projects have a way of taking longer than expected. George R. R. Martin has been working on the next installment of the Game of Thrones series for 13 years, and he shows no signs of being near completion. The Lord of the Rings took 12 years. Duke Nukem Forever took 14 years. So if you're planning to write your grand sequel to Chrono Trigger, you should start writing now, and in 66 years you'll have surely sharpened the writing to a fine point.

Worried that no one will care about Chrono Trigger in 2090? Don't worry, Bambi 1 came out in 1942, and they made a sequel in 2006 (yes, yes, they did). That's 64 years! Don't you think CT deserves a better sequel than friggin' Bambi?!

Anyway, unfortunately for me, I'll probably be a dried-up zombie husk by the year 2090, which will significantly dinimish my ability to party with you. But I'm happy for you youngsters who will get to enjoy it.

Ever since Chrono Cross was released, there have been embittered fans of Chrono Trigger who felt that the game was not very good, and not a worthy sequel to such a masterpiece. At the same time, people who liked Chrono Cross were quick to defend it for its tone, artistry, and music.

In fact, I think that whether you like or dislike CC is determined (FATEd if you will) by how much you care about these six things: logic, lore, plot depth, tone, art, and music. If you weigh more heavily toward the first three, you're gonna hate it. If you lean more toward the latter three, you're probably a huge CC fan. That's just how the cookie crumbles, compadre.

But this week I opened up the Compendium and saw something about Chrono Cross plotholes and I thought, you know what, let's do a retrospective on every bad review of Chrono Cross throughout the Eras. So strap on your goggles, grab your Wondershot, and let's travel through time...

Right out of the gate we had A truly regretable disappointment for Chrono fans in 2000, later reuploaded as The Chrono Cross Hate Page in 2003. Later in 2009 this was discussed on the Compendium in a thread. It was also parodied with The Chrono Trigger Hate Page.

Things were quiet for awhile. The Chrono scene died down for awhile. A few threads would appear on forums with titles like Chrono Cross is sucking. The original imploded in spectacular fashion. Days and nights passed. The war in Afghanistan ramped up, then down, then up, then down. Hurricane Katrine caused crisis and disaster in the USA. Pluto was downgraded from planet to Kuiper belt object. Britney Spears shaved her head. Barack Obama became US President. While doing the 30 Days of Gaming challenge, Red Robot named Chrono Cross the Most Disappointing Sequel. came online. Someone posted (to Venture Beat of all places) a negative review of Chrono Cross titles Chrono Cross: a mess of unimpressive gameplay and laughably bad storytelling. The Hunger Games movies came out. Lady Gaga wore a dress made from-

Then, suddenly, in 2015 a new name burst onto the scene: Jarin Jove. This author became one of the most prolific CC-haters starting off with Negative Review: The Worst Game Ever, Chrono Cross! followed by List the Plot Holes: The Narrative Failures of The Worst Game Ever, Chrono Cross and many videos.

Post-2016ish, the world started to remember the Chrono series again. People continued to discuss the plot holes in random forum threads like
Let's be honest, this game doesn't deserve a sequel because it's bad (spoilers). We got Chrono Cross is still one of the worst games ever, Chrono Cross’ ending is…uhhhh…, I REALLY don't like Chrono Cross. Am I missing something?, Why was Chrono Cross panned by gamers?,

Most ironically, we have both Chrono Cross Was A Bad Sequel, But A Brilliant Game AND Chrono Cross is a bad game, but an awesome sequel.

Finally, some of the best video (balanced, unbiased) reviews, made in the context of this ongoing discussion over the last 20+ years, are A Big 'Ol Review of Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition and Chrono Cross | An Atmospheric Masterpiece or Disappointing Sequel? (Retrospective).

And with that, hopefully we're finally done. I know I'm done with this topic for a veery long time!

Chrono Trigger Novelization
Posted by Staff on December 6th, 2023

I must confess something: When it comes to Chrono Trigger, I've been living under a rock. Like a rock fish. Or some sort of dwarf fortress dwarf (in a fortress). How else can you explain me not knowing about the Chrono Trigger Novelization?

"A Chrono Trigger novel? How good could it be?" I was thinking. But it's honestly good. It's a straightforward retelling of the plot to Chrono Trigger, with just the right amount of embellishment to keep the prose flowing. Not bad, not bad at all.

It would be really cool if someone made a text adventure out of it. Maybe there could be a sub-plot involving a creepy sunflower?

Did you know that Chrono Trigger was released for the PS3 and PSP? This was around the same time it came out for the original Nintendo DS. However, unlike the DS version, the Playstation version is the same translation as the original Super Nintendo version. This original translation is considered charming to some, but most people agree that it's not the best, and some even consider it a watered-down, sanitized version of the story. Did you know Frog speaks in an Old English style in this version? Forsooth! It be'eth true!

Anyway, there are precious few ways to get this version of the game now. You'd basically have to find a PSP with the game loaded up already. Remember that the Sony online game store for the PSP shut down in 2021.

(Blah, look at that stretching! It fills the whole PSP screen alright!)

I got a bit excited when I read this over on the Compendium, but then I saw who the leaker was. The blogger Zippo has a rocky past with predictions. Some believe he's really a Nintendo insider, some believe he's a fraud. His leaks have been banned from /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, for whatever that's worth.

But for a moment let's assume, against logic, that it's true. What would a "HD 2D remake" of CT change? Chrono Trigger already runs great on Android and iOS. I personally played through it that way recently, and it was awesome. Do we really need a remaster for this masterpiece? However, if the leaker is to be believed, then the original creators are all going to be involved (the "dream team"). If that's the case, then they could go way beyond a simple remaster. Who knows what cool ideas the team would think to add, if they were indeed once again working on CT.

Let's all try to forget about this unless more rumors surface.

Will Sea of Stars Be as Good as the Hype?
Posted by Discarnate on March 8th, 2023

The indie game Sea of Stars was announced 3 years ago, and hype for the game has been steadily increasing. And understandably so... When someone says they're making "a turn-based RPG inspired by the classics", after successfully making a highly-rated side-scroller game, people quickly go from apathy to excitement.

Enough hype even that it's raised 1.6 million (Canadian dollars) on kickstarter.

But will having the game in our hands be better than living this hype dream? Square, the undisputed king of RPGs, has been releasing high-budget games for next-gen systems, so perhaps that leaves a vacancy for smaller studios to create great RPGs that don't require the latest hardware.

We'll find out this August when the game is supposed to be released. In the meantime, there is a Sea of Stars demo available that gives you a feel for the gameplay, at least.

See Sea of Stars (by the Seashore) here:

Let's All Listen to the 2006 PLAY! Symphony
Posted by Discarnate on January 29th, 2023

The PLAY! Symphony from 2006 deserves a re-listen. This was arranged by Yasunori Mitsuda himself!

Link is here

A Chrono Trigger "Mixtape"
Posted by Staff on January 28th, 2023

Bored? Want to listen to mashups of Chrono Trigger music and 1990s rap? Of course you do!
Check it out on the Compendium: link.
The full story, copied from the creator's site:

about the mixtape:
greetings downloaders,
my name is ali, and i've been bombarded with email and requests for explanation and the like since the mixtape went up a few days ago, so here's my attempt to clarify things a bit, and also give you folks a little bit of insight ...
about the mixtape:
the chrono trigger mixtape was created by los angeles-based production duo "compromised" (which i am a part of). two weeks ago as i was bed-ridden with the flu, i thought it'd be funny if i went ahead and did what i always joked to my friends about, which was to turn chrono trigger, a super nintendo rpg i grew up with, into a stereotypical hip-hop mixtape. the actual "joke" would be all the annoying flair of a hip-hop mixtape, including (but not limited to) and incredibly annoying host, yelling all over the records with a ridiculous delay effect over his voice, terrible song selection, etc. so over the course of two days i did the entire mixtape, minus the milkshake remix, which our boy jc did, i got the url to add an extra comedic effect, and i debuted it to my boys the night before it got uploaded. that's where we added the host you guys love to hate, DJ Epoch. DJ Epoch had nothing to do with the creation of this project. he is merely a name to the annoying voice. that is not my voice. and now, for the FAQ ...
why did you pick such "terrible" music?
because it was utterly hilarious to hear young jeezy and ray cash over emotionally-charged super nintendo music. no, i don't listen to the artists on the mixtape (except EPMD) and i know you hate the artists on there (and i know you hate DJ Epoch). so now that i've acknowledged that, you can stop emailing me about it.
what's the next one gonna be?
*shrug* i have a real-life music career, too, so i'd have to find a day or two to do another one. when it's done though, rest assured you'll: a) recognize the source b) probably hate the artists used c) have a version ready when it's up without the host.
how'd you do it?
i sampled the game music, made it into a beat, and then cut up an acappella from an artists a majority of you folks hate, and i placed it on the beat.
can i hear your real music?
compro's production work? it's still in the pipeline, so you hip-hop heads will get to hear what we do seriously, shortly. jc's? . ali haeri (my solo artist work)? certainly you can. the following sites should help you out: , , or . my artist site is temporarily down but it's when it's up.

check back with the site often. the instrumentals version fo the mixtape will be up shortly, and whatever is gonna follow up the chorno trigger mixtape will be done and out by next month, latest (really, folks, it's not that much work). also support, as it's the only service that would ahve been able to handle 10,000 hits in 2 days, and 50 gigs of data transfer.
thanks again, folks,
ali [of compromised]

Chained Echoes: New Game in the Style of Gears and Chrono
Posted by Discarnate on October 25th, 2022

The rise of modern retro-styled games has been great, but most can't truly pull off an RPG in the style of the old greats.
This one looks interesting, though: Chained Echoes.

That name seems familiar to me. It's pretty close to the name of the largest Chrono-series fan project ever attempted: unreleased, but it looks very good, and I can't wait to see if it satisfies oldschool RPG players like me.
(As usual, you can discuss it in the forums.)

Chrono Trigger Music... On Blu-Ray?!
Posted by Discarnate on October 19th, 2022

Square Enix has released a Blu-Ray Disc containing the highest-possible recordings of the original Super Nintendo audio (yes, because the original music was "chiptunes", made using a specific audio chip, this had to have been recorded from a real Super Nintendo. Interesting, no?)
Again, this is not an orchestral re-imagining, nor a remake, this is the original sound, likely painstakingly and lovingly recorded by Nu labor deep within the bowels of Square Enix corporation. (Free the Nus!)
Um... yeah... Check it out here!
Or listen here:

Indie Game Dev Dreams of Chrono Break
Posted by Discarnate on October 6th, 2022

I'm sure many game devs were inspired by the Chrono series. The creator of Owlboy was inspired enough to create a Fake Trailer which imagines a world where "Chrono Break" was actually made.

Very cool if you ask me. Time "breaking" in two may be a bit on the nose, but this trailer is just fun. My mind is racing with interpretations of the trailer and how it would tie into the real Chrono games.

What do you think? Click here to discuss it.

So About That Chrono Cross Remaster...
Posted by Discarnate on October 6th, 2022

If you've been living under a rock, like some kind of bug, for the recent past, you might have missed
that Square released a new version of Chrono Cross for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam.
(I'm definitely not talking about myself now. Nope!)

IGN and RPGSite have nice overviews of the news:

Reading the comments on these articles, it's surprising how many people don't like Cross at all.

What do you think? Click here to discuss it.

Welcome Back!
Posted by Discarnate on October 4th, 2022

Hi all! I'm Ed. Twenty years ago, when web forums were the primary way for fans of games to meet and communicate, a little forum on a site called Chrono Shock was one of my go-to places to hang out online. I was feeling nostalgic, and decided to try to bring the site back. The process has been time-consuming and tricky, with many PHP scripts written and many hours spent combing the Internet Archive. But here it is, in all of it's glory!

As the original site owner would say, Enjoy!!

(Kudos to Ryan for giving me his blessing in bringing the site back.)

(By the way, be sure to check out the new Forum. It's a fully custom system made by me, meant to mimic the feel of oldschool vbulletin, but with some modern features. I'm quite proud of it.)

New Affiliate: Nifty Arcade
Posted by dicetomato on September 30th, 2006

We have a new affiliate Nifty Arcade. It's one of my new projects. Please take a visit and start playing free games!

I know I haven't been working on CS lately but I do have this weekend free, so I'll some of Chrono Trigger pages done. I'll also bother Demoncrono for new comic if I can.

Play! Symphony video!
Posted by dicetomato on August 21st, 2006

Someone posted the live video of Play! Symphony. You can watch it

I must say, I'm impressed!

Fan Project: Chrono Crisis
Posted by dicetomato on July 26th, 2006

Although many of you already know about this fan project, I thought I'd share it with you
guys/gals since it looks very promising and it could be one of those projects that will get
finished (unlike Chrono Resurrection).

Of course, I'm not going to explain the details myself,
because one of the creators posted a long thread about it.

Read about it here.

New comic!
Posted by dicetomato on July 3rd, 2006

Sorry guys, I have been busy with my internship and other web-related work recently and it's rather hard
for me to find time to update the site. But since it's July 4th tomorrow, I finally got few days off!

If you guys would like to become staff or would like to help update the website, please send us a message

Anywho, hope you enjoy the comic and have a wonderful independence day!

Finally, an Update (new comic)!
Posted by dicetomato on May 15th, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was busy with exams and I am finally done with them now!
I will try to update the site more now that I have more free time.

Anywho, why don't you read the new comic?

Ever been licked by Frog?
Posted by dicetomato on April 6th, 2006

Let's see how Crono would react in Demoncrono's new comic strip!

Click here to read.

Yep, it was a hoax.
Posted by dicetomato on April 5th, 2006

No new Chrono game. It was a hoax just as we suspected. They should've at least done it on April Fools.

Since Kato is done with Children of Mana, maybe he can work on new Chrono next.

Chrono Glance on XBOX360?
Posted by dicetomato on April 4th, 2006

A guy I know online had told me about this gaming-age forum thread.

Click here to read.

So supposely, a new chrono game will be announced on the newest issue of Famitsu and it will be on
xbox360. Now, I've check the website (I am Japanese and am fluent) and it seems that the post has been
deleted by someone. Now of course it can mean 2 things:

1. It's a load of BS.
2. Poster was forced to erase it.

We'll find out when the new famitsu issue is out. Don't get too excited,
because the chance of this news being a lie is VERY high. But there is no such thing as April Fools in

Click here to discuss this news.

Nintendo Power Ranks Chrono Trigger 21 Out Of 200
Posted by dicetomato on March 21st, 2006

In celebration of it's 200th issue Nintendo Power magazine compiled a list of the top 200 Nintendo games.
Chrono Trigger made it in at number 21, down only 2 spots from NP's 100th issue list where it was ranked 19.
Down 2 spots in 9 years? Not shabby at all. In addition to that there was a side panel for top 5 endings, CT made #3.
For the complete listing of games you can either purchase the Feb 2006 issue of Nintendo Power or go to the Wikipedia entry.

Mitsuda set to join PLAY! Symphony
Posted by Wisp on March 18th, 2006

While surfing the internet I stumbled on an interesting bit of news. Yasunori Mitsuda, the man behind the Chrono
series music, will be attending a premiere event of PLAY! in Chicago on May 27 2006, he will also be joining the
meet and greet (for those lucky enough to get VIP tickets). The premiere is in honor of his work for Chrono
Trigger and Chrono Cross joining the line-up for every PLAY! concert world wide. Ticket information can be
found here.

New Comic
Posted by dicetomato on March 12th, 2006

New comic is up. Check it out. The link is on the left menu.

I'll be trying to finish Chrono Trigger section soon. So I'll keep you updated.

Chrono Trigger Ranked #28 in Japan's All Time Top List"
Posted by dicetomato on March 4th, 2006

Famitsu, one of the most respected video game magazines in Japan, recently polled japanese gamers for their favorite games of all time. Final Fantasy X topped the list of 100 games which included many Square-Enix games. In fact, 7 out of the top 10 belonged to Square-Enix. Chrono Trigger made a strong showing coming in at number 28 but unfortunately, Chrono Cross was no where to be found.

Source: Next Generation

New Comic!
Posted by dicetomato on March 1st, 2006

Sorry guys for not updating the comics. Well the new comic is up so check it out.

An Interview with Yasunori Mitsuda Translated.
Posted by dicetomato on February 13th, 2006

I've finally completed translating "An Interview with Yasunori Mitsuda" that was written on Chrono Cross Ultimania guide book with a help of my staff, ChuChuWally. I think it's a very interesting read and hope you enjoy it!

Click here to read the interview.
Click here to discuss about the interview.

Chrono Trigger Media Update Galore!
Posted by dicetomato on February 11th, 2006

I have completed all the media pages for you to view and download!

They are:


Chrono Trigger Section Update and New Comic!
Posted by dicetomato on January 16th, 2006

I have finished creating the Single Techs pages for our Chrono Trigger section.

New comic is also up, check it out!

Links Section Online
Posted by dicetomato on January 7th, 2006

I've created a links section for those who are interested in submitting their website(s). Non Chrono related
sites are welcome also!

New Comic and CT Section Update
Posted by dicetomato on January 6th, 2006

New comic is up so check it out. Click the link on the left menu.I have also completed double techs pages.
I will do my best to finish the CT section asap.

2 New Comics Before New Years!!
Posted by dicetomato on December 31st, 2005

Sorry for the lack of updates. 2 new comics have been posted in the comic section so check them out.

I'm hoping to update the site a lot more in the near future so expect some updates.

Happy New Years everyone!
Chrono Shock appreciates your support!

Time to read some comics eh?
Posted by dicetomato on November 13th, 2005

New comic is up. Sorry for the lack updates. I have been busy with 2 jobs and the
other site I'm currently working on ( But do not worry, I love CS as much as It will get updated more frequently in the near future.

Hopefully, I can get more Chrono Trigger section pages done very soon.

New Comic Up
Posted by dicetomato on November 6th, 2005

I know you have been waiting for it and here it is.
Check it out

Chrono Trigger Section Reopened!
Posted by dicetomato on November 4th, 2005

Chrono Trigger section has reopened to the public. In addition to equipments, I have added these pages:

I will add more pages this weekend and there will be a new comic strip on Sunday so stay tuned!

New Affiliate:
Posted by dicetomato on November 3rd, 2005

Check it out. Yes, it is another site created by me and only forum links work now. So why not register?

Click here to visit.

New Section: Chrono Shock Comics!
Posted by dicetomato on October 30th, 2005

Chrono Shock announces a new section: comics!! Demoncrono has agreed to create a weekly comic using Chrono characters! A new strip will be created weekly so make sure to read them weekly!

Click Here to read his first strip!

Staff Page Updated
Posted by dicetomato on October 24th, 2005

You guys probably don't even care who works for the site but I've updated it anyways. You at least get to know
some of our information right?

New section is coming up. Stay tuned!

Chrono Trigger Equipments Section Online!
Posted by dicetomato on October 23rd, 2005

Although you cannot access our main Chrono Trigger page, I have finished converting the equipment pages to the new layout.

Check it out by clicking here!

All the links on equipments on the right menu work. We will be updating it more in the near future.

Javachat Now Functional.
Posted by dicetomato on October 23rd, 2005

(Cannot Parse BBCode)

New Editorial Up
Posted by dicetomato on October 19th, 2005

It's titled "Why Square-Enix Should Work on Chrono Cross’s Sequel" by ChuChuWally. I think he makes a very good
point in this editorial. Click on the editorial link and the left menu to read.

But boy, do I want another
Chrono game...

Forums Back Up!
Posted by dicetomato on October 17th, 2005

After having trouble transferring the old back up files to the new server, and a lot more problems after the install, forums are back up for public! However, all the hacks that were installed in previous vBulletin version are gone. I'm not really sure when I'll start adding them again (they're not available atm), but I'll definitely check up on it often.

Start posting!

New Server/Host!
Posted by dicetomato on October 14th, 2005

We've switched to a new reliable server so give me this weekend to get everything working again. All email accounts are working properly so you can email us if you need to. I'll be reuploading forums again with the most up-to-date vbulletin version 3.5.0 Gold.

Although this is pathetic to ask you guys, but we are now on a payhost and I've spent quite a bit of money for this move. If you guys are willing, please donate this poor college student (me) some of your extra cash (if you have any) to my paypal account by clicking make a donation button on the left menu.

Thanks in advance!

Now Accepting Fan Media
Posted by dicetomato on October 9th, 2005

I know many of you artists want to submit your work to this site.
You can now do so by emailing your work here. Remember, they have to be something Chrono related or else your submission will be deleted. Please keep in mind
that there is no guarantee on when it'll be posted on the site, so please do not bother me about it.

Editorial Updated
Posted by dicetomato on October 8th, 2005

The last part of Chrono Cross Top Ten editorial is up. It's been over a year since the last editorial! I truly apologize for this. But enjoy!

Submit Your Mail to Mailbag!
Posted by dicetomato on October 8th, 2005

Our mailbag section is currently empty. We'd like update this section every few weeks.
In order to do this, we need your help! Ask us anything that may sound interesting to others. It can be anything really.
Do you want to know more about the staff? Just ask!

Submit your mailbag
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Welcome Back!
Posted by dicetomato on October 7th, 2005

I apologize for the long hiatus we've had. After the server crash, all the files were gone. Most of them were backed up, however, the main section of the site was not and I have lost the motivation to update the site. But we're back better than ever! The news format will stay like this because last time, I tried making it all fancy but it was very hard for me and the staff to update.

Make sure to register our forums if you haven't already done so.
Enjoy your stay!

We're Hiring!
Posted by dicetomato on October 7th, 2005

We need about 2 news writers to write news for the site. If you think you qualify, please send me a private
message using our forums with a writing sample. It must be longer than 2 pages and no longer than 5 pages. They must be in .doc format. This is to test how creative your writings are and also to check your grammar and spelling.

Note: You will not get paid to do this. This is a voluntary opening. So if you are expecting something from us, please do not apply.

Final Fantasy I-II Advance buyers will get to voice their opinions on which game they'd like to see on Nintendo DS from Square-Enix in the future and Chrono Trigger is one of the options so head to Japan and buy the game!

Chrono Trigger on PSP?
Posted by dicetomato on May 13th, 2004

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, but IGN has "Chrono Trigger Revival" in its new Playstation Portable games list. To check the page, click here. We can only hope that this is true!

Chrono Shock's Future
Posted by dicetomato on March 5th, 2004

So we've launched the site. This, however, does not mean the site is complete in any way. Heck, I don't even think the site is even 30% complete. There are so many things I can do to the site and

(The rest of this post is missing)

CSv2 Launches.
Posted by dicetomato on March 3rd, 2004

I probably cannot believe that it opened as much as you guys can't. But oh boy, it has finally opened its doors to the chrono fanatics. Of course, I definitely cannot say that the site is completed but..

(The rest of this post is missing)

FFChronicles to PSone Greatest Hits
Posted by dicetomato on February 28th, 2004

Square-Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Chronicles, which includes Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV, will be joining Sony's Greatest Hits by December. The company also announced that 5..

(The rest of this post is missing)

More staff needed
Posted by Dicetomato on May 5th, 2001

Recently, our staff have been lazy and have not been working on anything. Some of them were fired. We really need dedicated staff who are willing to contribute something to CS. Check out the staff application link and apply!

GameCube Delayed
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on April 18th, 2001

Nintendo is famous for delaying their consoles. Did it happen to the GameCube? Lets just say Nintendo lived up to their tradition...

GameCube, Nintendo's new toy, was delayed. Bloomberg Japan has noted that the GameCube's launch
has indeed been delayed, both in Japan and in the US.

The GameCube will be pushed back to a release on September 14th and a mid-November release for all of us in North America. The GameCubes price will also be stated in May, most likely during E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

News Source: TheGIA,

Chrono Trigger PSX CONFIRMED!!!!
Posted by Agent923 on April 17th, 2001

Previously dismissed as rumors without confirmation finally a confirmation from Square on a release date for
Chrono Trigger PSX. It will be hitting stores in Mid July...

Even though Chrono Trigger is not a Final Fantasy, it is gonna be released alongside Final Fantasy IV in a compilation called Final Fantasy Chronicles. Both games will feature new scenes not seen in the originals. Also, each game will include extra features such as the omake mode found in Final Fantasy Anthology.

Remember back a couple months when Square asked it's fans to e-mail them and give their support for the re-release of these games? Well they heard you. Jun Iwasaki, president of Square Electronic Arts..."Since the release of Chrono Cross last August, we've received an overwhelming number of fan requests to re-release Chrono Trigger for the PlayStation game console. My thanks to the many fans who e-mailed Square and told them to re-release it.

The long wait is over my friends...Square has finally come through and listened to it's fans. Start saving your money now.

Source: [link]=""]IGN PSX

New Harvest Moon 3 Details Announced
Posted by Enematex on April 13th, 2001

PS2 farmers rejoice by throwing a "Winter Festival"...

While Victor Interactive unveiled the newest installment of Harvest Moon at the resent Tokyo Game Show,
in-game screen shots have finally been released to the gaming public. The game will official be called
Harvest Moon 3, and won't be too different from the Super Nintendo, Game Boy, and PlayStation One versions.
Graphically, it will be in three dimensions, but all characters will be cell-shaded, giving much of the game a
unique "Parappa" style.

A few gameplay changes have also been announced. While traditionally the game
has a three year deadline, HM3 will allow the player to accomplish his goals in anywhere from one to ten years.
The player's pet dog also now plays a more important role in the story, and can learn new tricks throughout the game.
The dating aspect will be more emphasized than previous versions as well, although marriage reportedly will not
be an option. Natsume has not announced an American release, although it is almost a guaranteed.
Harvest Moon 3 is set to be released in Japan on July 13.

Two New Final Fantasy X Characters Uncovered
Posted by Enematex on April 13th, 2001

Aaron and Shimora are confirmed as members seven and eight to the growing cast...

The two newest Final Fantasy X characters have been discovered through Square's Coca-Cola marketing deal,
in which FFX character figurines are sold with Coca-Cola soda. The new characters are Aaron, a sword fighter,
and Shimora, a mage. It is not known whether these characters will join Tidus's party, are just important NPCs,
or are villains, however. Also, the thief seen during the Tokyo Game Show demo has been confirmed as Ryukku
(not Zorenne, as previously thought). This means that FFX consists of eight known characters thus far: Tidus,
Yuna, Wakka, Ryukku, Kimari, Aaron, Lulu, and Shimora.

FFX is slated to be released around July in
Japan, and is one of PS2's most anticipated titles.

Suikoden III Confirmed
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on April 4th, 2001

Konami's Suikoden series, one of the more popular next generation RPGs has its third installment coming our way on the Playstation 2...

Konami, developer of such hits as Metal Gear Solid and the soon to be great title Zone of Enders, announced the
release of Suikoden III. Fans of Konami might recognize Suikoden as one of Konami's prominent RPG series.
Suikoden III and Suikoden Card Stories were announced at the Tokyo Game Show, and the release date of Suikoden III was slated for December 2001. Suikoden III will be for, of course, Playstation 2.

News Source: TheGIA,

Xenogears Sequel Announced!
Posted by Enematex on March 31st, 2001

Titled Xenosaga, the Xenogears sequel is set to be published by Namco in Dec 2001...

Ever since the 1998 release of Xenogears, RPG gamers have awaited its sequel. Finally, that sequel has been announced. Xenosaga, a continuation of the original is currently in the works according to The game will be published by Namco, because the developer of Xenogears (MonolithSoft) is now owned by the company. This means that Square will not be associated with Xenosaga. Still, this should not change the actual game, as MonolithSoft will remain the developer.

Namco has also announced that Yasunori Mitsuda will be composing the soundtrack like he did for the original.
Although nothing else is currently known, the game should hopefully be released by Dec 2001.

New Final Fantasy X Details Uncovered
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on March 30th, 2001

Square has unveiled two new characters, a new battle system, and a new summon at the Tokyo Game Show.
To find out more about this business, read on...

Final Fantasy X, Squares newest little creation, was showcased as a playable demo at the Tokyo Game Show.
The new demo showed off some new characters, new summons, and a new battle system to boot. I'll cover all
the wonderful new aspects of Final Fantasy X and tell you what you can expect from Squares first Final Fantasy
for the PlayStation 2.

The new characters that will star in Final Fantasy X are pretty different
compared to each other. The first new character is a male Blitz Ball player (the new game in Final Fantasy)
that has red hair, gray gloves, and a green trim. He is the new "Steiner" of the game, one of those characters
that has high HP and really low MP. The next new face in Final Fantasy X is a female character that is the
exact opposite of the other gentleman I just wrote about. She has been deemed as a more prominent magic
user, as opposed to the brute force. As you probably guessed, she will probably have low HP, but high MP
for all those nifty magic spells that she probably has.

Summons will once again show up in Final
Fantasy, and they have brought a new friend with them. Some people might remember the main female character,
Yuna, and that it has been mentioned that she will be a summoner. Yuna will be able to use all your old favorites, like Shiva and Ifrit, but now there is a new monster that is at your disposal. "Valfaré" is the newest summon to join the expansive roster that Square already has. Valfaré is a large, purple beast that has a body structure similar to a wyvern from fantasy. Some observant RPG fans might have noticed that Valfaré shares a resemblance to the beast in the Final Fantasy X logo. Will Valfaré be an important summon story wise? Only time will tell...

A new aspect to game play is that once a creature is stays on the battlefield! A summon has to
be killed before it leaves, much like a character from your party. Like Final Fantasy VIII, the summons have a
substantial amount of HP and MP opposed to your main characters. Each summon has a set of attacks at its
disposal, such as a standard physical attack, traditional magic spells such as Fire and Firaga, and a
summon-style Limit Break attack. You can control the summons right through Yuna.

Lastly, Final Fantasy X comes packing a new battle system. Final Fantasy X breaks away from the old school ATB
style battle, and replaces it with an action bar that seems to resemble Grandia. The action bar seems to
fill up after monsters and characters make actions. You can also press R2 to see what turns are coming up
in the future for the battle.

Final Fantasy X seems to be a different concept to that of the old Final
Fantasies we are all used to. Final Fantasy X seems to capture all the old features of the previous Final
Fantasy titles and mixes in some new elements to spice things up. You can check out screen shots of all those
new neat characters and summons at, which I think is a great place to check out all the new
screenshots and eye candy that Final Fantasy X and the PlayStation 2 have to offer. Will Valfaré be the
next powerhouse in your arsenal of summons? Will the new battle system be a hit or a miss? Only time will

News Source: TheGIA,

Chrono Shock Version 2
Posted by Agent923 on March 29th, 2001

Yup it is on the way. Expect minimal updates for a couple months. We are shooting for a late june release. We are hoping to have the new layout based heavily on dhtml and php so you guys will be in for a treat...

New Info on GBC Lufia Title
Posted by Enematex on March 27th, 2001

Nintendo Power gives the latest scoop about the battle system and random dungeons of Lufia: The Legend Returns...

The latest issue of Nintendo Power provides some more information on Lufia: The Legend Returns, the upcoming Game Boy
Color title. The main character, who will probably be named Wein, starts the game in his hometown of Patos.
It is there that he recruits Seena, a female companion, and starts his journey to defeat the familiar Sinistrals.

Although the plot certainly seems familiar to Lufia fans, one thing will be changed drastically- every dugeon
will be randomly generated. This, of course, eliminates many puzzle possibilities that made the series popular.
On the good side, however, it multiplies the game's replay value several times over, which is important for a
Game Boy title. Remaining in the game are Wein's ability to use his sword and other moves to physically affect
the dungeon, as well as the monster system.

The battle system has also changed. The player will be able
to use nine party members in battle, and each character will have a spot on a 9X9 grid. Each character's
Spiritual Force, or their ability to use magic, will determine where s/he is placed.

While the most
traditional Lufia fans may be disapointed, L:TLR looks like it will be a solid GBC title that will satisfy
both new and old fans. Expect to see it in stores "early summer".

3DO to Sue Lucas Arts
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on March 24th, 2001

Lucas Arts is being sued by 3DO. Apparently, Lucas Arts was notified before hand that they can't use the all important word "Starfighter" in their upcoming Playstation 2 title...

3DO, developer of all those Army Men titles, has filed a law suit against Lucas Arts. 3DO complains that Lucas Arts was notified by the US Patents Office on February 28, 2001, of its copyright infringement yet still continued to sell its Starfighter title. 3DO states that Lucas Art's actions in using "starfigher" as a part of their titles name will hurt 3DOs attempts to make a successful game. 3DO feels that Lucas Arts has violated these four areas mostly: The Lanham Act, Unfair Competition/False Designation of Origin, Unfair Competition/Deceptive Trade Practice, and Common Law Trademark Infringement. Thus, in lamens terms, Lucas Arts is in some trouble.

Lucas Arts and 3DO have yet to comment on this lawsuit. Will 3DO carry through with their copywright infringement lawsuit? We will keep you posted on the news to come.

News Source: Gamespot,

Final Fantasy IX rakes in the awards at GDC 2001
Posted by TJagger on March 24th, 2001

Final Fantasy IX won three awards at GDC 2001, and Square is very pleased with these results. To find out more, read on...

Final Fantasy IX has made its way into millions of homes world wide, and is known as one of the greater RPG's made. It has impressed almost everyone who has played it, and it looks like it has wormed it's way into being a superstar RPG, as shown by the awards it won at GDC only 2 nights ago...

The awards given to Square for
Final Fantasy IX are major ones, and Square deserves it, as LOTS of work was put into FFIX to make it as great
an RPG as it is. With no further interruptions, I bring you the awards won by FFIX

Most importantly,
and first of all, it won the title of "Console Role Playing Game of the Year", which is a very huge title to
win, but FFIX took it swiftly, as most other RPG's did'nt even cut it close. Some of Square's other titles might
have taken the award home (Chrono Cross!), but it did not happen. The award was presented by representatives
of the Academy of interactive Arts and Sciences...

Secondly, FFIX recieved an award for "Outstanding
Achievement in Art Direction", and then again for "Outstanding Achievement in Animation", which refers to the
FMV sequences, and the variou other artistic elements of the game. And in my opinion, they were superb.

Jun Iwasaki was the reciever of the awards at the GDC for Square, as he is the President of Square EA.
He humbly accepted the awards, and gave a sincere grateful thank you as seen here. He said:
"On behalf of the Final Fantasy IX development team, I would like to thank the Academy for the awards. We are honored that our distinguished peers have chosen Final Fantasy IX from the many quality titles released in the past year. Squaresoft hopes to continue to deliver compelling titles to the North American market. Thank you
again to our industry peers and, of course, our many fans who made these awards possible."

Other Squaresoft titles nominated included "Console Action/Adventure Game of the Year" for Vagrant Story;
"Console Game of the Year" for Chrono Cross; "Console Role Playing Game of the Year" for Chrono Cross;
and "Game of the Year 2001" for Chrono Cross.

In other words, if Final Fantasy IX had'nt won all those juicy awards, Chrono Cross would have been next in line to gobble them up. This, for CC Fanatics, would have been awesome.

But, Final Fantasy IX has stolen the show. Over one million copies of FFIX have been sold since November of 2000. The total Final Fantasy series from FFI to FFIX has had over 30 million games sold, making FF a very well known name among gamers, as will be to come for many years ahead in the future, if all goes well for Square...
With these results, who knows what Square will throw at the gaming industry next that will capture our imaginations, and truly entwine us in the RPG experience.

FFX to show at TGS
Posted by Enematex on March 22nd, 2001

Going to the Tokyo Games Show next week? Prepare to be up to your waist in FFX propaganda as Square will present their first "formal showing" of the game.

Satoshi Tsukamoto, Square's CG director, recently announced some important Final Fantasy X information- he confirmed that FFX will indeed be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show (Mar 30- Apr 1). Although it was not announced what type of content would be shown, attendees can expect to be bombarded with the recently premiered Yuna and Tidus action figures, as well as other FF propaganda.

Final Fantasy X will be the first Final Fantasy game to feature voice acting and will revolve around the ocean and its two main characters, Tidus and Yuna. Also, as previously reported, FFX will be singleplayer and come in two flavors: regular or "enhanced DVD", although the differences between the two have not be confirmed.

President of Sega, Isao Okawa, Passes Away...
Posted by TJagger on March 17th, 2001

At the age of 74, the president of Sega passed away yesterday, March 16th, 2001...

This is quite a hard news post for me, as, well, ANY death just makes me sad, but here I go...

Sega officially announced these few short words...

"Sega of America regretfully announces that Isao Okawa, chairman and president of Sega Corporation, passed away on March 16, 2001, at 3:47pm due to heart failure at the Tokyo University Medical Hospital. A private vigil is scheduled for his family, and company funeral services are being planned."

To gamers, this is quite big news...

He did a lot for the floundering Sega, as we all remember when Sega was in debt, and forced bankruptcy upon themselves. This was one of the factors that caused the fall of the Sega Saturn, and a big one at that. Okawa donated Sega 81.6 million dollars to help their financial status, and this was crucial to the refounding of Sega...

Just think, without Okawa, the beginnings of next generation systems, specifically the Dreamcast, would probably not be available, unless by freak chance Sega found a way out of the financial spiral into the void called non-existance. So think of that all you Sega/Dreamcast fans... It's food for thought...

Well, alas, I leave you, the reader once again, but I hope you will take some of your time and remember Isao Okawa, who did quite a lot for Sega... Relaunched
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on March 13th, 2001 has been relaunched with a catchy layout and other goodies today, March 13th 2001... is open to the public once again. The site features news, game titles, and hardware regarding the X Box. The site itself has a nice layout and pretty easy navigation. You can simply check out the official X Box site at

Two Versions of FFX?
Posted by Enematex on March 13th, 2001

Square announces 'standard' and 'double-DVD' versions of the anxiously awaited PS2 RPG, among other titles...

Today Square announced that they would ship two separate versions of their long awaited RPG Final Fantasy X for PS2. The first will be the DVD standard edition, the second a double-DVD "extended definition/high-quality sound" edition which will be "high-value added". Judging by Square's description of the double-DVD edition, it will probably feature anamorphic FMV and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio, although at this time everything remains speculation.

Along with the FFX annoucement, Square also revealed ten other major projects. These include a Disney RPG, an online RPG, a simulation title, three sports games (one of which will be online), Blue Wing Blitz, and three non-Final Fantasy remakes.

StarOcean: Blue Sphere release date
Posted by TJagger on March 11th, 2001

tri-Ace assigns a Japanese release date for the continuation of StarOcean 2, Blue Sphere, to be played on the Game Boy Color...

After being delayed for more than a six-month period, StarOcean: Blue Sphere finally has a release date.

tri-Ace has set the release date for around June 28th in Japan, and will hopefully make its way here soon after that, as many fans of the StarOcean series will be waiting.

The RPG cartridge will be 32-megabits, and will sell for 6400 yen, or around $53 in the United States.

The new portable continuation of StarOcean 2, will be set for the Game Boy Color. StarOcean 2 was released by Enix in July of 1998, for the Playstation.

Square Reveals Newest WonderSwan Title
Posted by Enematex on March 11th, 2001

If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does anyone really care?

Square has announced their newest WonderSwan Color title, Blue Wing Blitz, which will be a simulation-rpg. Other than WildCard, BWB is Square's only original title for the portable system. All that is currently known is that the battle system will not be presented in a traditional 'on-foot' style- instead, fighting will take place between various airplanes in full 3-D. Hopefully the title will not suck.

Forums Re-Open!
Posted by Agent923 on March 11th, 2001

Updating the forums to a new version has been a b**** but I think you will be happy to know that A LOT
of new features have been added...

New Mailbag Session!
Posted by Agent923 on March 11th, 2001

This time we have [enematex] doing the deed. Keep those e-mails coming people. Your thoughts count!!

X Box Announces 6 Exclusive New Developers
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on March 10th, 2001

Microsoft has announced that 6 new developers will be jumping on the X Box developer bandwagon...

Microsoft has announced that 6 new developers will be working exclusively for the X Box. The game studios, which will join the other 18 developers, are Blitz Games, Curly Monsters, Double Fine Productions, Radical Entertainment, Vision Scape Interactive and Yeti Interactive.

You might remember these companies for some of their previous works, but here is a list of some of their previous works:

Blitz Games: Blitz Games has developed for many platforms such as Playstation, PC, N64 and Dream Cast. Some of Blitz's notable works are Chicken Run, Frogger 2, Disney's The Little Mermaid II, Action Man: Mission Xtreme, and Action Man 2: Destruction X.

Curly Monsters: Curly Monsters was established in 1998 and has worked on such other titles with companies like Psygnosis.

Double Fine Productions: LucasArts game designer Tim Schafer formed double Fine Productions. His most noticeable works are Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle.

Radical Entertainment: Radical Entertainment has developed top sellers for some major companies such as Electronic Arts and Sony. Some of Radical Entertainments most successful titles are MTV Snowboarding, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, NBA Basketball 2000 and Independence Day.

Vision Scape Entertainment: Vision Scape Entertainment was formed in San Diego and has developed for a variety of companies, such as Sega, Sony and Microsoft. Some of Vision Scapes notable works are Jet Moto 3, Twisted Metal 3 and 4, EverQuest, Game Day '99, and Land Before Time.

Yeti Interactive: Yeti Interactive was formed in France and have developed award-winning games such as Rayman 1 and Rayman 2.

Microsoft's X Box is getting more support day after day. Will the X Box, despite difficulties in Japan, have enough support to come on top as the premier platform? We'll just have to see what the future has in store...

News Source: Game Assault,

X Box Launch Delayed in Japan
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on March 6th, 2001

News sources suggest that the X Box's debut in Japan might be delayed to 2002...

Microsoft's new toy, the X Box, seems to have to face some problems along the way of being the top console. Microsoft boasted at the Tokyo Game Show last year a list of Japanese developers ready to work on the X Box. So far, only Konami has answered Microsoft's call.

So is Microsoft in for a world of hurt? It seems so if Konami is their only support at the moment. Square has reported, though, that Final Fantasy X might make an apperance on the X Box. Many major videogame developers have yet to answer Microsoft's call on the subject of X Box titles.

Although it is unclear yet who is going to develop for the X Box, some companies will likely be developers. Small companies such as Koei and Taito will probably develop for the X Box, along with possibly Namco and Sega. The most interesting company not to confirm development for the X Box is Capcom.

X Box's concern does't lie in development of videogames, but the poor trend of sales that American made games show in Japan. Without the strength of Japan, X Box might succumb as fast as the Dream Cast. Will the Game Cube and PS2 beat out the X Box once and for all?

News Source: The Daily Radar,

StarOcean 3 heading our way soon?
Posted by TJagger on March 3rd, 2001

After over a year and a half of waiting since the day StarOcean 3 was announced to be one of the first games headed for the PS2, a release date has finally been set...

tri-Ace and Enix's new RPG has been set for a release in the second quarter of 2001, as has been announced by an Enix representative in a recent interview with Famitsu.

StarOcean 3 is expected to be released sometime between April and June, and of course, will be the third game in the StarOcean series, and the first to be played on the next-generation console, the PS2.

News Source: TheGIA,, and Video Senki,

Breath of Fire: Confirmed Game Boy Advance Title
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on March 3rd, 2001

Nintendo has announced that Capcom's Breath of Fire series is going to make an appearance on Game Boy Advance...

First of all, before you read this, you have probably noticed that this is my latest update. I apologize to everyone for my absence from Chrono Shock and my news posting duties. My computer has been on the fritz as of late and has delayed me in my quest to bring you the most up-to-date gaming news. I apologize once again for my absence from my duties as a news poster.

Breath of Fire, one of Capcom's best known RPG titles, is being reborn on the Game Boy Advance. Capcom has reported that they plan on publishing a Breath of Fire game for the new portable powerhouse, Game Boy Advance. Nintendo has named the title plain "Breath of Fire" and hasn't added if the game is a remake or a new installment to the aged series. Some veteran Super Nintendo fans might remember the first 2 installments of Breath of Fire, while some next generation gamers probably know of Breath of Fire III and IV. Although no word has been given about Breath of Fire V, it is likely that a new game, or a spin off of the series, will be added to the mix. Nintendo has confirmed Breath of Fire as a title, saying that it will be an addition to the Game Boy Advance roster. If you have the means, you could check out an official announcement of the title at the Tokyo Game Show, from March 30th to April 1st.

News Source: TheGIA,

Final Fantasy X Merchandise Update
Posted by TJagger on March 2nd, 2001

Just a little update on Enematex's previous news post to further your information on what is in store for fans of the Final Fantasy series, specifically Final Fantasy X...

Well, besides the action figures, Square plans to release early gaming goods for Final Fantasy X around March 20th, before the release of the game. Unfortunatly, the new merchandise might not be available here, but this has not been confirmed by Square, and may not at all be true, as no official details of placement for the release of the mechandise has been announced...

The merchandise of Final Fantasy X includes your traditional collectable items, including T-Shirts, Action Figures, Posters, Soundtracks, and other items, but now Square has decided to go a little farther, and put jewelry into the arsenal..

Square's new tidbits of memorabilia for FFX are all pieces of jewlery. There are 4 showcase items announced for FFX. They are as follows:
#1: The Main Character Tidus' Silver ring
#2: Tidus' Silver Pendant
#3: Yuna's Necklace
#4: Final Fantasy X Wristwatch

As all Square fans know, Square does its best to provide gamers with the best quality RPG's they can make, and it looks like they have also taken this approach with their jewelry as well, because it looks absolutely stunning, but only for a price. The cheapest item on the "menu" for these pieces of artwork is the ring, which will sell for 9800 yen, or around $85.00 US. The next item on the roster is the "Tidus Silver Pendant", which will go for 15000 yen, or about $129.00 US. The third accessory is "Yuna's Necklace", which will be put on sale for 21000 yen, or $179.00 US.
Square has also announced a wristwatch, which will go for $250.00 each, which tops the price list set.

Once again, the reports of Square only releasing the jewelry in Japan have not been confirmed, but any savvy web shopper out there will be able to find the new merchandise, as Square will never be able to keep RPG addicts away from these hot new items.

News Source: Magicbox;,RPGamer;, and TheGIA;

Guitar & Piano Tabs!
Posted by Agent923 on March 1st, 2001

The Chrono Trigger section now has a list of avaliable Piano or Guitar Tabs. Thanks to Magus667
(Chrono Shock Staff Member) for many of the Guitar Tabs!

Details on Square's new "SaGa" game announced.
Posted by TJagger on February 27th, 2001

Square has just released new information about the next RPG in the SaGa series, WildCard, to be made for the WonderSwan...

Well, Square has announced details on the new SaGa game, and it will be released for the WonderSwan in Japan sometime around March 29th.

The new SaGa game is called WildCard, and will be an RPG, but not a traditional one as you might think. The new installment into the SaGa series is a RPG based around "Scenario Cards". The cards are like keys, in that they open up new paths for the gamer to explore, and there are over 100 in the game to collect and use, but not all of them can be recovereed in the first time through the game, making the replay value of WildCard just a little bit higher. "Scenario Cards" are collected by talking to individual Non-Playable Characters in different towns and places, and as mentioned above, might reveal a new path or mission...

WildCard is different in that it will have no overworld, or field map, and the only way to get around will be by way of card. Once in a while, the gamer may come across a locked door, or gate, etc. These will have to be opened by "Skill Cards", found elsewhere in the game...

Battles in this portable RPG are also controlled by cards. Magic will be cast by "Magic Cards", Techniques will be thrown at the enemy by using "Technique Cards", and so on. To win a battle, one must try to decrease the amount of enemy cards the monster has until it reaches zero, by successfully attacking the monster various times...

WildCard will have 9 different characters you will possibly be able to coax into your party, but you may not have all nine in your party at once. Four different playable characters will join your party at different times in the game, depending on what you answer to questions at the beggining of the game.

As said at the top of this news post, Square plans to release WildCard for the WonderSwan Color on March 29th in Japan, but unfortunatly, no date for a North American release has been announced.

Square Previews Hot New Action Figures
Posted by Enematex on February 26th, 2001

Yuna's hot. You know it, I know it, and (of course) Square definitely knows it.

Bandai, the manufacturer of the action figures for FF: The Spirits Within and FFX, unvieled the characters Aki, Gray, Ryan, Dr. Sid, Neil, and Phantom (from FF:TSW), and Tidus and Yuna (FFX). The FF:TSW action figures will be released around the same as the movie is (July). The FFX set (for which a US release has not been confirmed) will also be released around the same time as the game.

New Mailbag Session!
Posted by Agent923 on February 24th, 2001

It has been quite awhile since our last Mailbag Session. Questions ranging from Chrono Trigger PSX to Radical Dreamers...

New Chrono Trigger Wallpapers!
Posted by Agent923 on February 24th, 2001

Here are 2 new wallpapers from Toan Nguyen and Janus-the-Magus.

Fanart & Fanfic Updates!
Posted by Agent923 on February 24th, 2001

Ever wanted the whole Chrono Trigger story in one file? Well if you wanna read 239 pages of the exact Chrono Trigger story then goto the Fanfic Section and download it. Apart from that we have a bunch of new fanart and fanfic. Check under "Interactive" on the right bar for the Fanart Gallery and Fanfic Library...

Sony ready to let the games roll?
Posted by TJagger on February 24th, 2001

Disappointed with the few launch games of the PS2? Well, you won't be for long...

After leaving many fans of the PS2 unhappy because of the the lack of opening launch games, Sony has finally decided that it needs more games for the PS2...

Suprise! Sony has planned to release around 36 games this year alone, maybe more, maybe less. Sony may also release about 6 more than this by the end of the Fiscal Year, making the grand total around 42 games. Some of these games are known about, but around 20 games are left with not even as much as a hint of what the title, game genre, or anything else about the game is about.

The 20 games are not even heard of yet because they are still in development, which means, Guess What?, TOTALLY NEW GAMES!!!

Sony has planned this out very well, as they will let nothing get out about the games in progress. It is a very welcome announcement to all people who felt the strong possibilties of the PS2, and were let down by the lack of games to show them off. Well, exausted fans, get ready for a whole new world of gaming!

This announcement comes as not really a suprise, because it had to happen sometime, but the fact that all of the games are already in development, and the sheer number of them (I mean 36 games!), really adds to the suspense in this news story.Sony wants to keep this a secret, and you can be sure that they will, but as E3 rolls around once again in May, you can expect Sony to "drop the bomb" on the games in question...

Once again, watch for announcements around E3 time in May, and if I see any updates on this news story, I will keep you, the valiant gaming fanatics in shining armor, informed...

News Sources:The GIA,, and IGN, at

Metal Gear Solid 2: Storyline and Characters Revealed
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on February 23rd, 2001

Join Snake in a new espionage mission in the heart of Manhattan where you will meet some old enemies and some new foes...

Metal Gear Solid 2, the videogame on top of every wish list, has a new plot and some new characters to offer a new twist on the masterpiece that is Metal Gear Solid. Various websites have picked up some advance copies of Z.O.E or Zone of Enders, which is packaged with an exclusive playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2.

E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo, has already shown us the Metal Gear Solid 2 and from what we have seen, Metal Gear Solid 2 starts on a cargo ship in New York City. You can also see Snake wearing his stealth camouflage until it shorts out when Snake makes a leap from the George Washington Bridge to the starting point, the cargo ship.

Although the movies didn't shed some light on any storyline, there is a new character that will share the spotlight with Revolver Ocelot: Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich. Some avid gamers might remember a reference to Gurlukovich as the perspective buyer of Metal Gear Rex, and, in turn, provided FOX-HOUND with the Hind D. Although it is not clear yet if Ocelot and Gurlukovich are on the same page, both will make Metal Gear Solid 2 an interesting experience. Also, some people might remember the mysterious knife-throwing women from the Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer. The mysterious character is Olga Gurlukovich, the Colonel's pregnant daughter. Olga's relationship with Snake nor her involvement with the storyline is still unknown. Will Olga be the next Meryl?

In addition to the new characters of Metal Gear Solid 2, some new touches were added to the game as well. Codec will now feature a 3D model of the character you are talking to, instead of a hand drawn sprite.

Will Metal Gear Solid 2 be a smash hit as every gamer is hoping for? I hope so. I will keep you posted on the news to come on this interesting videogame title.

News Source: The GIA,

Square to release new CD, help gamers cheat again
Posted by Enematex on February 23rd, 2001

Like to groove to classic FF tunes? Upset by lack of strategy guides for FFIX? Turn, cough, click, read.

Square recently announced their newest Final Fantasy audio collection: a CD entitled "POTION- Relaxing With Final Fantasy",
which will be a 17-track compilation of songs from FFIII, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII, and FFVIII.
The CD will be released by Sony Music Entertainment.

In other news, after taking a hiatus to experiment with a
free online strategy guide ("Online Ultimania") with Final Fantasy IX, Square will reportedly publish a traditional guide
for Final Fantasy X. Square claims that the lack of a published guide severly hurt FFIX's sales.
FFIX is currently ranked seventh on the 'Top 10 US PSX Sales' chart compiled weekly by PCData. It is not present on the
'Top 10 US Console Sales' chart also compiled by PCData. As of this week FFIX's total sales are still under 3 million,
which is a dissapointing figure for such a large franchise.

Final Fantasy II for WonderSwan Color Delayed!
Posted by TJagger on February 22nd, 2001

Square delays Final Fantasy II for WonderSwan Color until sometime in May...

Square has officialy delayed the Final Fantasy II release for the WonderSwan Color until sometime in May. The original date of release for the FF:2 portable remake was to be in March.

These release dates are for Japan, as no confirmation dates for Final Fantasy II, or even the system, WonderSwan, have been annouced for North America. Bandai however, the maker of the WonderSwan, has foreshadowed that the WonderSwan may be released in North America before the end of the year...

This has not stopped Square from releasing the logo for Final Fantasy II, created by Yoshitaka Amano. The logo shows Queen Hilda, leader of the battles against the Paramekian Empire.

Final Fantasy I, the first of the Final Fantasy games, was released for the WonderSwan Color in December of last year.

News Source: The GIA,

Forums Re-Open!!
Posted by Agent923 on February 19th, 2001

Wondering about the down time?? How about some brand new forums for your troubles? What else?? How about the loading time is twice as fast?? ENJOY!

Sega and Nintendo RPG Confirmed
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on February 17th, 2001

Sega and Ninendo are working on an RPG that will bring the company's numerous characters together...

What began as a rumor has took a turn into reality. Nintendo and Sega plan on working on an RPG that will bring some of the most notorious video game characters together. According to Charles Bellfield, vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Sega of America, this project will become a reality. Bellfield has noted that Tetsu Kayama, Sega of Japan strategy consultant, has stated that the project will happen in the future.

Little is known about the game except what the rumors have already told us. According to rumors, Sega and Nintendo do plan on combining well known characters and worlds from both companies that we have grown to know over the years. Although the rumor has been confirmed, nothing much more is known about the upcoming RPG, like a release date or a platform. Who knows, maybe we will see Sonic, Link, and Mario battle Dr. Robotnick in the near future?

News Source: The GIA,

Columbia Pictures has just released the 15 minute Final Fantasy movie trailer, and it looks very promising...

Well, the new 15 minute Final Fantasy movie trailer is out, and it shows that even though Square has gone over its originally intended budget of 75 million dollars by almost two times over, it is worth it.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has awesome graphics. The whole movie is made from CGI (Computer Generated Images), but the quality is so great, so intense, that almost everything looks real. It is not until you get up close and see the smoothness of everything (skin, etc.) that you realize it was computer generated. Everything else actually looks real, from movement, to the slight breeze blowing the main character's hair around.

The main character in FF: The Spirits Within, is Dr. Aki Ross, a researcher of a barren place in the future called the Wastelands. The story depicts Earth, but not as we know it. This Earth is wrecked, and damaged. The world is futuristic, and bleak, and when it comes to mind, it reminds you of a space scene, with its darkness all around. Dr. Aki Ross is searching for any signs of life at all in the Wastelands. After searching a while, she meets soldiers sent to rescue her out of this Wasteland area, which is off-limits. They arouse the spirits, and have to fight to get out. They escape, and while in the shuttle, Aki sees the squad leader take off his helmet, and immediatly recognizes him, but she cannot place it, and he seems very familiar...

The whole story seems dark and bleak, much like 2300A.D in Chrono Trigger. It is very intriguing, and looks like it contains an awesome storyline/plot. The Spirits Within feels in everyway like a Final Fantasy game, but with all the essential elements of a sci-fi movie, and then some.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, will come to theaters this summer, and will be the first successful CGI movie ever made by Square. FF: The Spirits Within is for everyone, whether you're a diehard RPG fan, or an avid movie-goer, this one is sure to be a hit.

Square and SEGA: Next Major Multiplayer RPG Provider?
Posted by DeathGiGasXG on February 11th, 2001

News has leaked from Sega executives that Sega and Square will be working on the next RPG multiplayer experience...

It's the end of the world as we know it (don't mind the REM pun). Challenger Homepage, a Japanese site, has reported that Square and SEGA will be teaming up to make a giant arcade RPG multiplayer experience. Will this be the next EverQuest? We will have to see sometime in (hopefully) the near future.

According to Challenger Homepage, Square and SEGA are working on a massive multiplayer RPG. Unfortunately, there is no further details on the project. Tetsu Kayama, head of SEGA's strategic counsel, has noted that this project will be "a big project for arcades" and that it will be "exclusively for the arcade." Will this innovative project breathe new life into SEGA?

So what do you think about this little newsbite? I have to admit I'm not a fan of SEGA, but the idea of a multiplayer RPG experience courtesy of Square does seem tempting. I will keep you posted on all the news about this interesting new RPG concept in months to come.

News Source: The GIA,

Square announces first-ever losses!
Posted by TJagger on February 9th, 2001

In the 1st quarter of 2001, Square brings in its first negative finance report of the company's history...

In all of Square's history, the company is submitting its first-time ever negative earnings report. Square is quite upset about this fiasco, and is reorganizing the company with intention that this will not happen in the second quarter. Three Square executives, the President of SquareSoft Tomoyuki Takeshi, Vice President Hironobu Sakaguchi, and the CEO of SquareSoft, Masashi Hiramatsu, have all resigned to take lower positions in the RPG gaming powerhouse.
The positions taken by the three former leaders will be as the following:
Takechi will take the role of contractual consultant, Sakaguchi will become executive gaming producer, and Hiramatsu takes the job of the executive director. The individuals stepped down from their higher ranks in Square because they felt it was the traditional right thing to do. No word has yet been spoken on who will replace the three executives, but there will be new ones soon.
The company blames most of the money losses on the highly controversial PlayOnline development delays, and on the making of the movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
However, with new corporate planning, Square knows this is only a minor setback in the company's ultimate surge towards RPG supremacy.

New Staff
Posted by JayTee on February 6th, 2001

So... Agent and dice finally hired a couple go-fors....

Welp, I'm happy to announce to you all, the new staff members here at Chrono Shock. Basically, we've thrown in a handful of news editors, staff writers, and forum mods. The new staff includes myself, DeathGigasXG, Enematex, TJagger, Super Vegeta, Wisp, and of course, our drunken mascot Magus667. Take a look at the staff list to get a little more information. Please take your time to give them a welcome in the forums or by email. Also, Agent and Dice are still looking for CT and CC coverage teams, so if you're interested, please don't hesitate to submit an application.

staff needed @ Chrono Shock
Posted by Dicetomato on February 5th, 2001

Lack of updates recently? Well Glenn practically quit and Wiz is too busy with his college work (give him a break will ya?). We are looking for many staff.

If you have a great writing talent or you think you actually are able to do something for us. APPLY! We really want a dedicated staff members not to just make yourself popular by working on this site and do nothing. It's best that you do not webmaster a site nor work at any other sites. We really need your help.

To apply, click on "staff application" on the right menu.

It is that time of year again!
Posted by Agent923 on January 25th, 2001

Updates have been sparce lately because for me I have finals in a week because the semester ends so for any of you that may have mid-terms and such this little poem is for you...

'Twas the night before finals,
And all through the schools,
The students were prayingFor last-minute knowledge.

Most were quite sleepy,
But none touched their beds,
While visions of essays
Danced in their heads.

Out in the taverns,
A few were still drinking,
And hoping that liquor
Would loosen their thinking.

In my own room,
I had been pacing,
And dreading exams
I soon would be facing.

My friend was speechless,
His nose in his book,
And my comments to him
Drew unfriendly looks.

I drained all the coffee,
And brewed a new pot,
No longer caring
That my nerves were shot.

I stared at my notes,
But my thoughts were all muddy;
My eyes went ablur,
And I just couldn't study.

"Some pizza might help,"
I said with a shiver,
But each place I called
Refused to deliver.

I'd nearly concluded
That life was too cruel,
With futures depending
On grades earned in school.

When all of a sudden
Our door opened wide
And Patron Saint Put-It-Off
Ambled inside.

His spirit was careless,
His manner was mellow,
But summoning effort
He started to bellow:

"What kind of student
Would make such a fuss
To toss back at teachers
What they toss at us?

On Cliff Notes! On Crib Notes!
On Last Year's Exams!
On Wingit and Slingit,
And Last-Minute Crams!"

His message delivered,
He vanished from sight,
But we heard him laughing
Outside in the night:

"Your teachers have pegged you,
So just do your best...
Happy Finals to All,
And to All, a good test."

Fanart Gallery and Fanfic Library Updated!
Posted by Agent923 on January 20th, 2001

Phew! I have finally posted ALL of the backlog I have received in the past few months. For full details on the updates go either to Fanart Gallery or Fanfic Library under Interactive.

Chrono Trigger North American Bound?
Posted by Agent923 on January 19th, 2001

Rumors have been flying for over a month now but does that mean Square is really looking into bring Chrono Trigger PSX over to North America?

If you have been checking the major gaming news sites lately you have probably seen "Square plans to bring Chrono Trigger PSX to North America" or something to that effect.

I am looking forward to a Chrono Trigger PSX release as much as any die hard Chrono Trigger fan but rumors are rumors and until square makes a official announcement I won't truly 100% believe any of the rumors.

New news concerns companies who are close to Square. They are reporting that Square WILL bring Chrono Trigger PSX to North America. The report further goes on to say that they will bring it out in early to middle 2001. Whatever the case Chrono Shock will be there will all the news reports and media that comes our way.

For those of your just finding out about Chrono Trigger PSX then here is a little overview. The new "remake" contains new anime sequences throughout the game, unlike the Final Fantasy Anthology which just had one big movie at the beginning and end. It will also contain an "omake" mode which has extra stats on your game (battles fought, enemies killed, etc).

Ka-BLAMM Fanfic Library Re-Opens
Posted by Agent923 on January 18th, 2001

If you noticed that last post then you have noticed we haven't made an update in 2001 yet. Well this will be the first. Check out the Fanfic Library for more details.

Fanart Gallery Re-Done and Re-Opened!
Posted by Agent923 on December 30th, 2000

Totally re-done and updated. Now more easy to navigate. Fanfic Library will be re-done and updated in the next week. Stay tuned for that.

No more MP3's in Chrono Shock
Posted by Dicetomato on December 28th, 2000

I'm sorry guys. Agent and I decided not to post MP3's nor Emulator/Roms on this site since they are illegal. We're gonna make you download sample "real player" music files. We want this site to be legal.

Nintendo buying Sega?
Posted by Dicetomato on December 27th, 2000

This was unexpected. Is Nintendo really buying Sega?

According to New York times,

Nintendo and Sega's executives were holding discussions that could lead to Nintendo's acquiring Sega for about $2 billion. They said the terms of the transaction were still being negotiated

It is true that both spokesmen denied about this happening, but it is also true that they held discussion.

Sega was the first to introduce a 128 bit system. Ever since Playstation 2 came out, Sega's stocks has fallen 17.5% in the fourth quarter. Sega's chairman, Isao Okawa, has been trying to sell Sega for a while and wants to join the team of microsoft's Xbox.

If Nintendo acquires Sega and competes with Sony, it would be a big competition between them.

We will keep you updated with this news.

Merry Christmas!
Posted by Dicetomato on December 25th, 2000

Merry Christmas everyone. While you guys are busy playing with your toys, I'm gonna have to work really hard on this site.

First of all, my job for this site is to finish the game store. I have started to work on it yesterday and it should be done by new years.

Also, I must to work on CC section very hard. I'm not sure how much I am going to finish during this vacation but I am going to try my best to finish a lot.

Merry Christas everyone!


Merry Christmas!!
Posted by Agent923 on December 24th, 2000

Its that time of year again and this holiday we are gonna be doing alot of work on Chrono Shock. Can you ask for a better Chrono present? Well maybe you want CT: PSX more...anyway...

First of all I would like to give out the seasonal "Merry Christmas" to all our supporters.

Here is what to expect from me, Agent923, this holiday season. Dice's report should follow soon.

Chrono Trigger Section

Alot of small updates are taking place this holiday, mostly in the Fanfic section which will soon see a massive overhaul and a huge update in the next few days.

Some news you people won't like, we are gonna remove all MP3s from the site. Use these last few days to download them because after that you can't get them at Chrono Shock. This move was made after decision that if ever in the case Square or any other gaming site affiliated with Square found out about our illegal files they would destroy this site. That is why we are removing the MP3s.

Same goes for Emulators however Emulator support and Chrono Trigger questions from emulators will continue!

Chrono Shock Main Section

This part of the site will see lots of small changes in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for these.

Chrono Shock Forums

Everything seems to be working fine now. I will probably be adding some new add-ons to the forums. You will like them!

That is basically what I am doing this holiday season to continue to make this site the supreme site for the Chrono series.


Our second mailbag!
Posted by Dicetomato on December 22nd, 2000

This time, I, dicetomato, am hosting...

Good News for Chrono Trigger PSX!!
Posted by Agent923 on December 19th, 2000 reports that they have talked to Squaresoft and they plan on bringing CT PSX out this coming summer BUT Square wants consumer feedback first. Click "GO THERE" for full details!!

Fanart Update
Posted by Agent923 on December 18th, 2000

Click on the link below for the full details of the update.

It's a Final Fantasy Christmas
Posted by Agent923 on December 18th, 2000

Square has put together a Final Fantasy Theme song with a Christmas overtone. Click "GO THERE" to check it out.

New Editorial -- "First Look: FF9"
Posted by Glenn on December 17th, 2000

Hello and welcome. My new editorial, "First Look: FF9" is finally up. Learn about the rise of the Final Fantasy series, and dicover the basics of Squares latest installment, Final Fantasy IX.

2 new wallpapers added.
Posted by Dicetomato on December 14th, 2000

They are done by Shameel. Check them out.

The First Ever Mailbag Session at Chrono Shock
Posted by Agent923 on December 11th, 2000

Well here it is people our first Mailbag session. We settle the debate on whether Guile IS/IS NOT Magus once and for all. My name is Agent and I will be your host this week...

A little CS update.
Posted by Dicetomato on December 8th, 2000

Stuff that we need to tell you.

First of all, people who subscribed to our newsletter should have gotten our first newsletter.Second, we need 2 new staff members.
2 News editors
He or she should be able to edit images decently.
He or she should be really good in writing an article.He or she should know a basic HTML.

Please send your resumes to [email protected]

your past work, etc.

Wallpaper Updates!
Posted by Agent923 on December 7th, 2000

I am now posting alot of stuff that I have still backlogged from the Chrono Trigger Zeal Archive. A total of 6 new wallpapers in total all from one author!

New affiliate
Posted by Dicetomato on December 6th, 2000

Square Haven has became one of our affiliates. Square Haven could possibly be the biggest Square shrine on the net. Go check them out.

Plans - Next 2 Weeks
Posted by Agent923 on December 5th, 2000

We've been getting off to a shakey start here at Chrono Shock but we would like to update you on the plans we have in store for the next 2 or so weeks...

Well now that the forums are totally done, at least for now, I will be adding lots of different little things whenever I feel like it.

Agent's Projects

Well right now I have to clean up the Chrono Trigger section however much I can.

We are having a media transfer rate problem right now and that will be corrected as soon as I have time to do so. Then you can download without disruption.

Also we will most likely be considering staff applications soon, if you have sent us one right lately, we have dis-regarded it at the moment because we don't want to be troubled by them at this time. But we will let you know when we will be considering staff applications.

Dice's Projects

Dice's 1 priority right now is working on more content for Chrono Cross. This is a long and sometimes tedious process because we are making it from scratch but he is working his hardest to get more info.

I think that is about it for the next 2 weeks or so, thanks for your continuing support and please spread the word about Chrono Shock.

Forums down for maintenance
Posted by Dicetomato on December 3rd, 2000

There was a major bug in our message forums. Agent is working his ass off to fix it.

Don't you hate it when you post in specific forum and you end up posting at another forum? Well, that's what happened to our forums. We are currently in process of fixing and upgrading forums. Sorry for the inconvenient we caused you. (We know you love forums).

Join chatroom
Posted by Dicetomato on December 2nd, 2000 #chronoshock or just go to the chat link you at the right menu. It'll be fun.
that is all for today folks.

Greetings from: Agent923
Posted by Agent923 on December 1st, 2000

Hey everyone, sorry for deceiving most of you for a couple months. I really wasn't busy with anything except making this site...

Phew!! Finally me and dicetomato made our deadline. It has been an extremely long journey to get this site open. We made the decision to close Chrono Cross Infinity awhile ago and ever since then we have been working like crazy on Chrono Shock.

It late 1999 Me (Agent923), Spire, Zoom and dicetomato wished to make a site just like this but our efforts failed. Chrono Infinity as it was known then collapsed. Ever since then we wanted to duplicate that effort and now before your eyes you see our accomplishment.

Personally I would like to thank a couple people:

Dicetomato: Excellent work on the design, thanks for doing that while I worked like crazy on the content and other small site things.

Mist Chicken: Thanks for showing me some last minute DHTML.

CTZA Fans: Hey it been a long time since an update eh? Well this will probably redeem myself for not making a update at CTZA while I was working on this.

Gamesquad: For hosting Chrono Shock obviously.

All our current affiliates and anyone else I may have forgot while typing this thanks for your support in the past.

With Chrono Trigger Zeal Archive now closed and CCI a definate failure we present our greatest achievement to date, Chrono Shock.

On a side note the site is very new so there is obviously bugs please be patient as we correct them little by little.

Greetings from: Dicetomato
Posted by Dicetomato on December 1st, 2000

we're open...

It took a long time to open this site. I am very satisfied with what I did, and also what WE did. It's more convenient for you guys to just visit one site, rather than both CTZA and CCI.

We've worked very hard! On some days, I stayed up until 3 a.m., and even until the next day sometimes. I was really tired, but I think it was all worth it. From RPGGN and CTZA to CS, Agent and I have come a long way.

There are many people that we would like to thank:

Square Unlimited: Thanks go to Sir Nikon for helping me out with CGI a year ago (along with several other things).

Mist Chicken, for giving me advice on my graphics and layout. You helped me a lot when I asked for your advice.
Squaresoft Extreme: Thanks to Robert for scanning a couple images for us. Also, thank you for being my graphic teacher ^_^. You've helped me a lot.
TotalFF: Ad B, thanks for your support.
Sir Poulet and Paley (UO), for helping me out with editing and doing easy graphics for me.

Wiznaibus: Your writing skill kicks ass!

And, sorry if I forgot to mention you, but thanks!

CC content: We will finish it later.
CT content: Boss List will be finished later.

I think I deserve my sleep.
Browse the site now. GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!.
Have a nice day ^_^

Section Opens!
Posted by Agent923 on December 1st, 2000

The Chrono Trigger section is ALL complete except for the minor exception of Pictures, Boss List, and Walkthrough

Section Opens!
Posted by Agent923 on December 1st, 2000

Although the Chrono Cross section is largely incomplete we are working very hard to complete sections!!

This is a blog post
Posted by That Guy Over There on December 30th, 1901

Hi there folx!

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