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Another Eden

I put some time into this game, and then got kinda bored with it. But I think I played it enough to give it a quick review. The game graphics are very unusual for an RPG game. It's a mobile game, with mobile game aesthetics, trying to be more. So you have these highly-detailed and beautiful 2D characters floating around with terrible animations. That's the state of the art when it comes to mobile games.

But, if you accept the art for what it is (nice but unusual), then there's a solid entry in the Chrono series lurking under the hood (yes, I consider this game a spinoff of the Chrono series, considering it has the Chrono Trigger composer, the Chrono Trigger writer, and even Chrono Cross characters as a DLC apparently).

The only think I worry about is the fact that it is a mobile game, and they could start trying to push/nag people to pay for in-game items. Or they could decide that the game isn't profitable and remove it from the store. But I doubt that those things will happen.

Overall, with the limited time I spent playing it, I give it a 7/10 (worth a play) and I intend to get back to it... sometime
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I've put some time into it.

The optional, gacha-only characters are keeping this studio afloat. And even their sidequests are well-written.

It's pretty good, I just wished there was a time when someone explains that you can use certain consumables to level up.
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