Q: What is Chrono Shock?
A: A site that covers Chrono Series in-depth, providing you with media and detailed information. It is also a place where Chrono fanatics interact through forums and chat.

Q: Who created Chrono Shock?
A: dicetomato and Agent923. And of course, our staff members. Couldn't have done it without them!

Q: What server is Chrono Shock hosted on?
A: A dedicated T3 line sharing with The Ethos Sanctuary. A big thanks to int for hosting us!

Q: Can I use Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross media and pictures on your site?
A: Yes, make sure to give us the credit and you must upload the images to your OWN server.

Q: Can I take the layout and pictures from this site?
A: Absolutely not. Don't make things any harder for you.

Q: Can I affiliate with you?
A: It's definitely a possibility. But please do not apply if your site is hosted by a free host like geocities, tripod, and etc. Make sure you have your own domain as well.

Q: Can you teach me how... or can you create ... for my site?
A: Time is money, my friend. As long as you have the money to offer, we're there for you. We're not talking about $10 here. Big bucks, my friend.

Q: May I join the staff!?
A: If we are hiring, yes. If not, no. If you visit the site often, we're sure you'll know that we're hiring.

Q: Awesome graphics and layout. What programs did you use to make them?
A: We used Photoshop 5.5 and 6.0. Notepad/Editpad for coding. And the most important thing: our brains.

Q: I do not like the owner/webmaster of the site, dicetomato. Can you please kick him out of the staff?
A: If you offered him a million dollars, I'm sure he will. We'll see...