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The "Entity"
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The "Entity"

A discussion we had back in 2004:

Quote, by Soviet Incline:
I don't think this has been covered before, so I'll go ahead and give it a shot:

What exactly do you think the "entity" mentioned in Chrono Trigger is? Does it apply to Chrono Cross as well?

Archived thread here

I recently replayed the new translation of Chrono Trigger, and I was wondering what people think about this now.

EDIT: Personally, I think that they added the Entity as a setup for a possible sequel. Maybe they had some ideas about CC already. Also, I think that the entity is mentioned shortly before you're set loose to do side-quests, including Mother Brain. I think that Mother Brain being the Entity fits just a bit too well, and I think that that was their original plan to tie up that loose end (in the sequel, which became CC).
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