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Thread Majuu's fanfics

I said I'd do this soon so here I'm doing it while thinking about it. I write in present tense, deal with it. Other than that...I'm sure I made mistakes on this. Fixed it several times even after posting it. Anyway, a short fic from ingame about Magus from his point of view. It's not my best, I might work on it more if I felt like it. But for now what you see is what you get. And everyone knows I have more or less a love affair with Magus so I'm biased lol I wrote this in 2015 so it's old too. Starts when Frog and party meet him on the North cape. I threw humor in here. Also I suppose all the party is here. They can travel separately, this is a theory I have that screws the game.

Magus stares at the Frog who has plagued his existence, briefly forgetting his grief as he sees Frog as a potential punching bag. His lip curls as he invites Frog to do a battle that the mage knows he will doubtless lose. Death would be welcome at this point. Magus' blood red eyes radiate scorching desire to kill or be killed. Frog in turn is glaring daggers and breathing heavily with pent up rage, Magus' eyes catch that the other's sword is quivering, denoting Frog's indecision. "Why hesitate?" he thinks to himself. "You have every reason to put me out of my misery..." For a moment, Magus himself feels fear moving through him, though he pushes it aside scornfully. Why had these people followed him so mercilessly?
Magus is completely dazed as he sees the Frog, teeth grating, sheath his sword, and grit out something about Magus not being worth the killing. Magus quickly turns his back, to hide the turmoil of emotions in his eyes. He is not sure whether to be enraged at Frog's dismissive contempt or relief that he doesn't have to feel the icy magic draining blade slash into his flesh again. How he hates Masa and Mune, have they become so mindless as to turn against their own prince? Magus feels anger coursing through his own veins at everything the Frog has said and done. Still, as he hears them walking away, all of them, Magus is well aware that the goal they are working toward is the same as his. He grunts unintelligibly as he spaces out briefly. He has nothing to live for, Schala is doubtless in a watery grave, and even if he pursues the hated Lavos now he knows it would be suicide. He stares at his beloved sister's amulet, and his own miserable face reflected there. Somewhere deep inside is a small boy huddled in a ball crying.
He shakes himself out of his daze and stares after the party. Not one of them said a word when the Frog decided to walk away, the one called Lucca looked outright dazed. But then with those ridiculous glasses...the group is walking away from Magus, getting steadily farther away. It is quite a climb up or down. The mage has no idea what the blasted hell they even bothered coming all the way up for in the first place. Perhaps they were aware he was here? Magus swallows with discomfort. He wants to destroy Lavos but to have to do it with THOSE people? It is a great blow to his pride to have to resort to such measures. Even supposing the Frog wouldn't turn him down.
Even as his feet start moving to catch up, he is doing nothing but giving in to a desperate impulse. He hears himself cry out for them to wait. He stops, frowning when they actually do. His eyes shift uncomfortably to Frog, once called Glenn. There is despair in his eyes yet his expression is stone cold. He would still love to rip this enemy apart. Frog glares at him, his eyes challenging him to try something. What the mage says next seems to render the Frog completely speechless. "I will accompany you...there just might be a way to bring Crono back you know..." Magus feels an eyebrow lift and a sardonic smile cross his lips for an instant at the clueless expression on Frog's face. "The guru of time knows how to restore life to those important to the world's fate."
He stares at his longtime foe. For an instant, Frog looks more insecure than Magus has ever seen him, even as a child at the thought of his friend's murderer tagging along for the ride. He can still see immense dislike and distrust, but a sudden hope flaring in his eyes. "Damn, no one except Schala has that sort of compassion for me..." he thinks to himself. He feels like spitting out of pure spite. "Schala is dead...what is left now for me? I do not regret killing that fool." then to the mage's surprise, the Frog gives a brief nod. Magus hurries to catch up as the group starts moving away again. Magus has no idea what to make of Frog anymore, he is utterly confused. He feels like smashing the glasses of Lucca who stares at him distrustingly. She who has only recently been insulting him with lashing tongue. The mage grits his teeth as he reluctantly falls in step. Damn it's cold out here. He really just wants to sleep, though he's not so sure he wants to turn his back on any of these people. Still, he supposes it's better than staying in this rotten land or committing suicide. Frog suddenly asks, "How is it possible to revive the dead?"
Magus shrugs, "I don't know. But I imagine since you got Melchoir the Guru of Life to infuse that damned masamune you also met Gaspar the Guru of Time and Belthasar, the Guru of Reason at some point in your journey."
Frog frowns, then sighs resignedly. "Crono would know better than me." Magus snorts, well that was a big help. "Umm..." Magus' eyes flick to the blonde girl...he seems to remember her name being Marle. She seems to be intimidated rather than angry and wrathful like the other two. "I think I remember a person at the end of time with that name...though he looks alot different from other Zealians from this era." Frog draws the mage's attention again. "Hmm, then best we be off to the Epoch." Oh, it is going to be interesting travelling with this band of idiots. They have a goddamned robot, even some throwback ancestor with loin cloth and no brains at all. The cave woman has said nothing throughout the exchange and seems to have largely forgotten Magus. He supposes at least she has nothing against him, never having seen him before the ocean palace disaster.
Magus lets his mind wander as the others start talking among themselves and effectively tunes them out unless they say his name. He has a dour, world weary expression on his face as they head toward the commons. Already he is simmering bitterly with resentment at his own choice. He could have tried to stab Frog in the back...but damn blast it, the idiot had to gain a bit of respect from the grieving ex prince. Yes, most interesting. Magus hopes his death will be quick and merciful.

By the time everyone reaches the commons, Magus is walking automatically. He is staring vacantly at the ground, merely following where the others go. He is exhausted. After washing up onshore and regaining consciousness and fleeing to the north cape, the mage spent some considerable time inside his invisibility cloak shedding bitter tears at losing his sister and wishing he had slit his own throat and joined her at the bottom of the ocean instead of continuing to live his worthless life. His grief was such he eventually passed out for a bit out of sheer exhaustion until the vengeful knight and his motley crew came chasing after him and jolted him out of his hidden misery. Now, after pouring out some more energy telling the morons about his origins as Prince Janus and subsequently getting the bright idea to try and get the Frog pissed enough to kill him, he is numb. The Frog has completely confused him, and beyond following them and trying to kill Lavos, he is not sure what to do. He is in shock really with everything that has transpired. His mindless stare does not go unnoticed.

Vaguely the mage hears someone approach and talk to the Frog who appears to be leading in the absence of the recently deceased Crono. “He's so tired he is walking half conscious. We had better get him to rest. Besides, there is a blizzard coming.”

Frog snorts under his breath, “Heathen. Suicide is a coward's way out.” However, the knight does not protest. He himself is quite tired, the trek out after the mysterious enemy and subsequent adrenaline of killing rage, quelling that rage, along with the long walk back, have done him in as well.

Magus does not hear the words, just registers the voices with little interest. No one trusts him, and when his tired senses recognize the Frog heading his way his hand instinctively gropes for his scythe, but then stares at the Frog and drops his hand irritably. “What?” Until now, everyone in the party has kept their distance.

Frog curls his lip and says, "we are going to spend the night here.”

Magus suddenly realizes they have actually entered a hut, or some sort of shelter with a roaring fire in the middle. Possibly still snobbish even though he is no longer a child, the mage grunts, “Oh, a hovel.” one might expect a scornful tone, but the mage's voice is flat. His eyes are glazed. Everyone in the room knows now that had they left this man on the cliff he would have stayed there and simply let himself die. The mage stumps over to what appears to be a saber toothed tiger pelt, regards it with disdain for a moment, then sighs and lowers himself onto it. Sleep shortly follows. How long he sleeps, the mage has no way of knowing. No one disturbs him, though later he wonders they didn't just stab him in the back.

When he finally awakens, it is to the awareness that a small furry body is curled up close to his own. Ignoring the fact he is stiff as a board from sleeping on the floor, he stares at the small ball, sides rising and falling. He knows it to be only a cat, but there is something familiar about the creature beside him. He takes off his glove and tenderly strokes the small thing. With a purr and a small meow, the cat gets up and stretches luxuriously, then proceeding to rub across the mage's startled face affectionately. Magus' voice is choked. “Alfador?” he glances around quickly to be sure that no one else is in here. Good, apparently the fools he has accompanied are gone for the moment. His sharp ears pick up no sound of breathing to indicate a hidden watcher either. He would effectively rip any of them limb from limb if they were foolish enough to watch him do this. Once he is satisfied he is alone, he turns his attentions back to the cat, who has continued rubbing him. Taking the cat in both hands, he buries his face in the soft fur, tears falling from his eyes. Alfador's purring fills his ears. He has no idea how his cat survived, or why he still recognizes the Prince's scent. He simply lets himself sob into the soft fur for a while, while Alfador happily cuddles up to him. Anyone that witnessed him grieving and stroking a small animal would earn immediate death. This is why it is wise that the wide eyed Frog beats a hasty retreat.

Frog of course would have burst out laughing except that he knew Magus would have torn him apart with vigor masamune or no had he been caught watching this rare kind side of the Mystic leader. He who started a war to make himself stronger, buried his own grief in black hatred, killed many a good knight, including Frog's sworn brother Cyrus, and sadistically turned Glenn into the infernal form he now houses. Of course, Magus was not so heartless as to kill a child. If Frog only knew the truth, he would know that Magus could not very well do nothing to the boy without jeopardizing his entire plan to summon and destroy Lavos by losing face in front of his own General. Though Ozzie greatly respected Magus' abilities as a wizard, necromancer and warrior, one thing he always knew was that unless he pleased these stupid monsters, they would become enemies. They even altered his ears and teeth to make him look like one of them. In actuality it was a snap decision due to Ozzie's suggestion. But certainly better than killing the pathetic kid in cold blood. He felt little sympathy to the boy at the time, being extremely angered that a weapon crafted by his own people would be used to try to end his life. And for a long time he never thought about it at all. Until that day. That fateful day, the black winds, no. The winds of death were blowing.

Magus was exhilarated through his fear and power. He knew either he or Lavos would perish this day, he didn't care. Then the Frog showed up. Magus turned to see, somehow this stupid kid was facing him again, with the goddamned masamune in hand, eyes hot for battle. He remembers that is when he started truly to respect the knight, hate and fear him.

As it is, the Frog finds time for a breathless chuckle when he is out of earshot at what he just witnessed. He never thought the sadistic, evil mage had any sort of compassion left in him. Magus eventually gets up stiffly, the need to urinate ending his joyful reunion. Cursing body functions, he leaves the hut, turns away from the wind and irritably accommodates his mortal body. He also has extreme thirst and hunger. Grumbling, he is turning to go back into the hut to see if there is anything edible to be had inside, when he finds that the Frog is coming towards him in the irritating hopping gait he runs with. The mage curls his lip distastefully and waits for his new ally.

Frog stops a short distance away, his hot breath lancing in clouds as he pants slightly in the cold air. “What's it like to be cold blooded in winter?” the mage asks.

Frog snorts. “Well in case you didn't notice, you didn't turn me into a proper frog, so I still retain warm blood.” Magus feels an eyebrow lift, saying nothing more. Fascinating. He waits in silence for the Frog to speak, which clearly irritates his adversary. Frog scowls, his glance stealing for a split second to the cat sitting by the brown boot in the snow. Magus notices, but does not move. He loves doing this, intimidating people simply by being what he is, silent and cold. It seems this one is not immune to it as he once thought. He despises that the mystics changed his eyes blood red, he intends to revert them to their natural blue eventually as his face is bloody pale enough as it is. However, for now, it brings him satisfaction to see the one who almost killed him once unnerved by his attitude.

Frog finally speaks to the mage again, clearly annoyed he lost this little psychological battle. “Do you know how long we have stayed here waiting for you to recover?”

Magus yawns. This time unintentionally unnerving the Frog with his longer, sharp, vampiric looking eye teeth. Most of the time he forgets he even has these. “Enlighten me.” he glances down at the silent Frog, whose eyes are suddenly blazing hatred. Taken aback, he asks, “What?”

“One day you are going to die a horrible death.” Magus is about to reply sarcastically to the effect of tell me something I don't know but Frog cuts him off impatiently, tired of this game. “You have been asleep for two days, two nights and the better part of a third day.” Magus looks up at the sky, seeing it is already noon. He cannot hide the momentary surprise on his face. “That aside,” Frog grates, "come to the commons for sustenance.” saying nothing more, the knight turns his back and walks away. Whatever he says, Magus can tell clearly Frog does not resent the time for a brief respite himself. The mage wonders what these fools have been through recently? He has no idea. If Schala had not transported them to different places, he is unsure if he would have either been slain by the Frog or dragged into their problems. He decides at this point he would rather not know. While he knows alot of this is largely his fault, the idiots that followed him played their part as well. He blames himself, for not being strong enough to stop his mother or kill Lavos, and being unable to save Schala. When she was teleporting them all out of the collapsing palace, he was under the impression she was coming with them.

With these bitter thoughts in mind he follows Frog, Alfador romping behind, playing like a kitten. Already he is unhappy with meeting his former subjects, and enemies. A taste of bile rises in his throat, overriding the feeling of his parched tongue. He doubts any of the enlightened or earthbound recognize him, or will give him a friendly welcome. Even if they would he would not want it. He suddenly glides forward swiftly and grabs Frog's arm in an iron grip, stopping him in his tracks. The Frog stares into the mage's blazing eyes. “Not a word about who I really am, out of any of you. I will destroy the whole place if-”

“Fine.” Frog wrenches his arm forcibly from the mage's grip. “I understand. Just don't grab me like that again or I might do something we will both regret.” He turns away. “Do whatever you will to explain your pet following you.”

Magus simmers, but speaks no more, merely following the Frog purely due to his stomach being uncomfortably empty and smelling tempting cooking meat in the rigid air. He is shaken by the fact the skinny Frog was able to get free of his grip so fast. Though he can see it took some effort, as his foe and ally is rubbing his arm with his free hand and cursing the mage roundly under his breath. Magus grins. He has never heard the knight use such language. He decides tormenting this guy is fun.

Frog hops ahead in order to tell the crew not to mention anything about Magus' real identity. The mage takes his time, but he is starving, he hasn't eaten in a few days. He gets lots of looks having a purple and white kitten following him, but these he ignores. He walks slowly toward his previously hated foes. He feels distinctly awkward. Keeping his expression blank, the mage sees that the Frog, Lucca and Marle are sitting on a log together eating and joking. The robot, Robo is seemingly partaking in drinking though it boggles Magus' mind that a robot could even drink much less need to. He chooses to sit with Robo and Ayla, who is wolfing down everything she can grab hungrily. The mage curls his lip and sits, grabbing a flask.

Dubiously, he smells the drink before trying it. He glances at the cave woman as she guzzles some down in one long gulp. Deciding he is too hungry to be fussy, the mage sips. Immediately he spits it out, gasping “Ugh! That is the worst wine I have ever tasted!” he gags. Suddenly, he finds himself at the business end of the masamune. He looks up, seeing Frog glaring daggers at him. Frog sheathes his sword with some reluctance and snarls, a vein popped up in his forehead, “Do not insult our hosts.”

Magus grunts irritably and snarls, “I'll insult anyone I like.” as he wipes his chin with his glove. He is about to see if there is clean water to be had when suddenly he looks up just in time to get a right hook smashing into his cheek. Magus yells, falling off his log. Then after a brief moment of holding his cheek, he is up and punches Frog right back. Before long, they are grappling, wrestling, punching and kicking, rolling on the ground, cursing each other. Neither of them is using any weapons.

“You idiots,” Lucca screams, “Watch that you don't roll into that fire!”

Frog energetically shoves Magus off him and right back to where he was sitting with Ayla and Robo. Spitting out a tooth the mage apparently knocked out, he sullenly retreats to the other side of the fire. Magus wipes blood from his chin, having actually bitten the frog on the arm and is about to get up ready to start another scrap, when suddenly, the cave woman slaps him heartily on the back making him gasp. Having nearly knocked him over face first into the fire, Magus glares at the woman.

“Ayla like strong people!” She laughs. Magus almost loses it, until the cave woman tears off a generous chunk of meat from the carcass of whatever it is they are eating and shoves it in his face. Casting off his gloves after a scorching glare at the woman, he grabs the meat and seats himself. He eats with appalling manners, considering he was once a prince and then a lord. This is not normally what he does, normally he is proud of his breeding, but at the moment, he is attacking the meat as if it were a tangible enemy. This is earning him the approving laughter of Ayla but he ignores her.

Just as he is finishing the meat the cave woman shoves him a different flask. This time Magus guzzles it, glad to find it to be fresh water rather than the awful wine. He can tell everyone thinks he is about to belch, as there are expressions of pure disgust on Frog, Lucca and Marle's faces, and he is half tempted to give in. But when he finishes the drink, he instead stares pointedly, at the ladies in particular and covers his mouth politely before quietly letting out his swallowed oxygen in a gentlemanly manner. He is gratified to see the looks of surprise on their faces.

Magus eats whatever is put in front of him; he doesn't care. Though he digs readily into a salad he has shoved in front of him, he is given cause for a snort of disgust when he sees that apparently Marle won a bet with Lucca that he would eat salad. He glares at the pair of them even as he eats. At this point he isn't so angry so he has cleaned up his face after his initial rage and desire to fight. It felt so damn good knocking a tooth out of the knight frog's jaw. The minute he is done, the mage vacates the area, not wanting to be around these idiots anymore. He notices Alfador does not follow him out of the commons again. He seems to know he cannot follow his master.

Magus sighs and walks toward the hut where he spent the last few days. He sullenly looks about him. The land is ravaged, or, what is left of it. Bits and pieces Lavos tore up like the hungry beast it is. He itches with a desire to kill the thing, even knowing it will likely be suicide. His hatred is deep. He supposes that if he dies, he will join his sister in the Zealian afterlife, Zurvan. This would be far better than where he is now. He wonders, as he hears his five companions leaving the commons to come with him, if these people are actually stupid enough to follow him into battle with the giant parasite that is gradually eating their world. Again. They are so damned optimistic it makes him sick. As he waits for them, he wonders if the frog will let him die. It is worth considering using his dying breath to take the frog with him into death. His pale, bleak face shows little emotion. He is still a bit confused that these people even accepted his company. They actually see him as a good enough person to join them on their quest? Of course he knows he would have little chance of killing one of them, fight one fight them all. He shivers as a cold breeze buffets his cloak. He grunts and simply follows the group as they pass him. If anyone said anything to him he did not hear it, tuning them out as he is.

My comments at the time: I doubt I will be going on with this anytime soon, I got an idea for a different fic now v.v but anyhoo. This was meant to show how complex I think Magus' relationship with the other characters is, especially at this stage. I dunno if I'm brave enough to go into how Magus feels killing his own mother. c.c

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Nice! You injected some much-needed emotion and psychoanalysis into the barebones world of Chrono Trigger. The story in CT is so rich and full of potential, but the game was created at a time when 2D sprites couldn't really convey much emotion or nuance. (I think that the sequel went overboard with emotion and melodrama, but that's another topic.)

Magus is a character that begs for explanation and analysis. The game designers no doubt wrote him to be a generic villain/anti-hero, but in creating the game they gave him so many aspects and so much family drama that it's criminal that more people haven't written fan fiction about him. Or maybe they have, I wouldn't know where to look.
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Yeah lol I think your right, I could prolly explore the other characters, though no one really told me if I did good enough at Magus. Anyway I lost interest as I usually do with fanfics. I do have a Zelda one about Vaati too but I went a little far with it and got his personality a bit too emotional. I also did a short one about Kuja from FF9. Too many people either write Magus as totally evil or downright goody goody. I have seen some doujinshi series where he is a total good guy. I tried to make him complicated. I've read several fics but I'd be afraid to say I know where to find them now.
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