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Favorite CT memory? [Spoilers Likely]
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Favorite CT memory? [Spoilers Likely]

What's your favorite memory of playing Chrono Trigger?
Mine is when I reached 12,000 B.C. Before that, I was becoming very bored with the game. I thought "Okay, the plot is pretty clear from here on out, this is just another old Final Fantasy game". Well, it got better after that!
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I have to agree. I don't think I was getting bored, but 12,000 B.C. was magic. It so captivated my little brain. It was intriguing visually, sociologically, and politically.

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And then the fall of Zeal was mind-boggling. Throwing you straight into the Ocean Palace. And then the game became really open world, which was amazing. It never really lost steam all the way through the end of the game.
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Me? Well the biggest novelty was always that Magus was the first character I ever liked in a game that didn't have to die lol I was so bloody thrilled with that.
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